Everyday Functional Pottery Handmade by Megan

Welcome to Dirty Clay Co. a woman owned small business based out of Pingree Grove and Batavia, Illinois & accessible to the Chicago Land area. Shop from anywhere in the United States with us here online, or in person at Thrown Threads, a Dirty Clay Co. & Earth Knots Collaboration located at 125 S. Batavia Ave, Batavia, IL 60510. Check out our upcoming markets in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. See our Events Page for more details on upcoming markets.

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What's done in love is done well - Vincent Van Gogh

  • Pottery Care

    With the proper care, your pottery will last forever ... thats a long time! Unless advised otherwise at time of purchase, your Dirty Clay Co. pottery is microwave and dishwasher safe! Take care to make sure your mug handles are not going to get bumped by other dishes. This will help prevent predictable cracks and breaks. If you are unsure about the care of a piece you have purchsed, contact us!

    Email us your questions! 
  • Air Plant Care

    Airplants thrive in humid environments with indirect sunlight. We have had success misting our air plants 1-3 times per week based on the season.

    Soaking is another recommended method for watering. Read more from Air Plant Supply Co. for detailed soaking instructions!

    Soaking Instructions 
  • 2023 Batavia Boardwalk Shop

    Thrown Threads is taking part in the 2023 Batavia Boardwalk Shop Small Business Incubator Program! This program gives small businesses the opportunity to test out owning a Brick and Mortar shop in the Downtown Batavia, IL area. Visit us at 114 E Wilson St, Unit 2, Batavia, IL 60140 every weekend Friday 9-5, Saturday 9-5, or Sunday 11-4 now till December 17th.

    See Photos of the Boardwalk Shop! 
  • Limited Handyed Collection

    Shop stunning one of a kind hand dyed wall tapestries made by Hannah of Handyed based out of Winston Salem, NC. Hannah is Megan's talended cousin who specializes in Geode & Mandala designed dying. Hannah's prefered method of dying is ice dying!

    View Handyed Tapestries 
  • Customer Review

    "I absolutely love the items that I've purchased from Dirty Clay & Co.! I have a beautiful coffee cup that is used almost daily and looks new, and an amazing ring dish with a chicken on it. I am also getting ready to purchase another coffee cup for a gift. You won't be disappointed with anything you buy here!"

    Chicken Dish 
  • Workshop Review

    "Megan is great to work with. Her knowledge of working with clay and the creativity she inspired in the bird house class was very helpful. I am excited to take another class from her."

    Learn More About Workshops 
  • Customer Review

    "The pieces are absolutely stunning. I can’t get enough. I currently have 6 pieces from Dirty Clay.. a beautiful coffee mug, a gorgeous soup bowl, 2 cups, and 2 holders for my air plants. I am looking forward to adding more and more pieces to my collection. "

    Air Plant Pouch 
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